We develop simple, effective, inexpensive digital solutions for everyday general practice problems

With the rise in online GP consultations in the past few years, patients understandably value the convenience offered by these services.  As GPs we have seen a rise in demand for appointments coupled with a reduction in accessibility of face to face consultations. We also acknowledge that patients value their relationship with their own GPs,  who provide continuity of care which is not only safer but provides the best standard of medical care for patients.

We  developed gogp.ie as an ideal solution giving our patients access to their own GP online.

We are passionate about continuity of care. GoGP facilitates connecting the patient with their own GP and their own medical records.

As the people of Ireland continue to endure this necessary distancing and isolation, and as doctors try to reduce the amount of patient contact, patients still need medical consultations. Remote health care is an important part of the response, and enabling the patient to consult with their own GP remotely we believe is now an essential part of our service to the patient. Physical examination and non-verbal cues are still very important, and remote care will not always be a suitable substitute for a face to face visit to your GP. 

Dr. Maria Horgan